Sunday, 25 September 2011

The No Plans Weekend (Part 2)

Before I continue with this post, just to let you know, a small announcement will be made at the end of it.  Will it be like some sort of mega news?  Hmm??......... not sure? I guess you'll find out soon.

And so the next day, we set out on our journey to KK Wetland Centre.  Hooray!!..... the no plans weekend became with plans.    

Information board at entrance
Amazing facts about the wetland
Some don'ts when entering the wetland
You remember about the cute tiny crabs which I mentioned earlier?  Those crabs are known as:

To know Mr. Crab is to understand him....... wink!
Unlike Kellybays, this wetland is more cooling and pleasant to stroll about.  I love the many tall and mature mangrove trees as they provide lots of shades .  NO MORE dramatic dracula act (Arrrrgh!! *while blocking away from the sun*). 

Lovely planks walk
The centre is a great place for light strolling.  The stroll is about 45 minutes to an hour.  Very pleasant and easing.  Just the lush green mangrove jungle and wetland species accompanying you.

Bird watching and big shell-y living thing among the smaller shells
About half and hour or so walk later, we came to this tower:

The look-out tower
On top of this tower you have a bird's eye view of the wetland centre.  A different perspective I should say.

Tall commercial and residential buildings outside of the centre
I vividly remembered of myself sowing a baby mangrove tree plant few years back while joining my office's green campaign.  Yet I failed to recall where the area was.  I think its here:

"X" marks the spot
The stairs down the tower was steep.  Cheeky was psycho-ing himself to overcome his fear of heights.  YES, THAT KID IS AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!!  Yet he managed to reach the top of the tower.  Unfortunately and ironically, the decending part was abit dramatic with him chanting all the way down.  *I'm not afraid, I can do this.  I'm not afraid, I can do this.*  With him safely landed on the last step of the stairs was a major achievement for him.  Clap Clap, another great accomplishment by Cheeky.  Sob, sob, my boy is growing up...... *smiling while weeping*.

The final stretch of the walk:

muddy walkway.... ewww.  My shoes!!!
The nursery zone confirmed my earlier guessing of my office's greening effort area.  'Coz Beary said so ....... he was there during that effort.  

I'm beginning to feel the lethargic of inserting all these photos.  I've got a BUNCH more!!!  
Think I'll fast forward and end with this pic:

Bliss, no more muddy feet.
My verdict on this walk is: I LUV IT!! Great, light, sweat producing, 1 hour strolling.  Light exercise for me.   

Now, at the beginning of this post, I mentioned plans with an S, so besides leisure strolling, we included a visit to dear FIL too.


** I'm going to insert a part 3 of this title as....... er........ (keeping you in suspense  ).

** About the announcement, here's the result of the Mabul Marine Week 2011 blog competition:

Mabul Marine Week Mini Bloggers Contest final score:

1. Sabrina Aripen = 191 Hits
2. Jean Ivy = 138 Hits
3. Rollens = 235 Hits
4. Cutebun = 736 Hits
5. Wyne = 191 Hits
6. Angelina = 432 Hits
7. Cincau4all = 153 Hits

Which means, Cutebun, you are the winner! Congratulations!

Yea, I didn't get it.  Boo hoo.  But, as a sporting (NOT) contestant, congrats to the winner.  The trip is supposed to be from today, Saturday till Monday.  Dear Mabul, I guess it'll be next time then.  Sob sob.

(Though I didn't get the free stay, the consolation prize from this was discovering readers enjoying my blogging style.  I guess I should say......... TQ.  Muah-muah , will do better in the future.  Other consolation prize besides the above, and oh, a real mini prize from the organiser, well other then all those, is that I didn't come in last.  Ha ha ha , 2nd last, but not last. Ha ha ha ).

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