Thursday, 22 September 2011

I'm restless b'coz of..... Sale!!

Today is not the same as yesterday.  The enormous energy I felt before my bed-dy time last night was gone.  I felt the mehs and blahs and do not know why it felt like its a total crappy shit wednesday.

WAIT!!..... do not like my intro here.  Gotta take a shower and refresh myself.  
A great shower and a luxurious facial scrub later, I'm all rejuvenated. Earlier on, I was expressing myself like a wet mop.  Don't believe me? See below:

"""Y do women's emo change mutiple times a day just like today's weather?  This morning, it was hot and sunny but by afternoon it showered for the longest hrs until juuuuussst about a moment ago, it stopped.  "Generalisation again!!... not all women are the goddesses of weather*."""

SHAME ON CC!!  Such horrendous intro!!! How can??.... when I'm about to announce a happy news.  Sooooooo happy for me and especially for the fashionistas.  These came in in my ACTUAL, REAL, AUTHENTIC, BOX-EY mailbox today (yes, the old-fashion way):

Total giddi-ness!!!
I totally luv max such announcements.  Especially when I have these:

Yes!! I'm a member to both departmental stores
Metrojaya and Parkson Grand are the two largest departmental stores in Sabah.  Thank god we've got such stores to keep me sober.  Do not tell me to go for the local ones as I somehow felt they cater for the PTIs (stupid act).

The advantage of being their member is of course this:

The privilege.  Hee hee.....
And so my plan is to be at Metro on 29th and thereafter Parkson on the 30th.  Geng leh.  Do not remind me about my debts.  Who would want to hear frustrating advises when happy news is in front of you.  Let me quote an example: Isn't it annoying when you are being lectured for not finishing your plate?  Then the story of the poor comes up.  FYL!!! Can't I for just one moment enjoy my happy thoughts?

So make sure your pockets are at its darnest kaw kaw full with the dough for this. 

  • MetroJaya members day special : 29th & 30th Sept 2011
  • Parkson Bonuslink members sale : 30th Sept 2011.

Woohoo..... restless or not??? 

** The rain is pouring again.  But my emo remained amp. 

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