Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thinking of Avocados

A while ago I was in the midst of cutting and digging out the flesh of avocados, when it suddenly struck me, why not just create a post on it???  Afterall, its been awhile since I post something about the cincau family.

BUT please bear in mind, at the end of this post, you may summarise all this as crappy sh*t.  Nevertheless, I still want to blog about it.... ha ha ha Smiley.

And so, here is my 1st picture after digging out the avocado flesh:

The result after digging out "Gold"
Since there's flesh, there should be the skin too:

Skin in trash bag
And here's a picture of me adding vanilla ice cream on top:

Adding sweetness to the bland fruit
Mixing and blending till it reaches its creamy texture
Voila!! Mission accomplished.
This is the simplest way in preparing the sweet savoury.  Of course, there are other ways in presenting this fruit...... such as the experiment made by daddy Beary:

daddy Beary's Yam-ey Avocado Mousse
My Vanilla creamy avocado with chunky bits
Voila!! Mission accomplished x 2!!
Err..... Beary, your avocado looked...... Smiley
While I was being a pastry chef, brother Cheeky and little Manja were:

Darn kids can't be still (1)
Darn kids can't be still (2)
The final result of this whole kitchen activity is to enjoy the fruit of my labour:

Avocado-ey-ly yummy
Learn More About Health Benefits of Avocado

And 1 last pic, as commanded by Mr. Demanding:

Err....... I mean little Manja

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