Monday, 8 August 2011

Patience is a Virtue

I was having a confrontation with little Manja just this past Friday.  It took me HRS just to complete the last post.  Its all because of the banner advertisements on my blog.  He saw the banner which featured the Disney Junior's programme advertisements.

So, you know, little kids, they love cartoons.  They love colours and they love dancing to music.  The banner was colourful and it was his favourite cartoon, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Immediately he wanted to sit on my lap and was demanding to press on the banner.  But how can I?  Bloggers are not supposed to click on the advertisements on their own blog.

His demand was getting louder and louder, and annoying.  Isn't the tv programme enough for him?  Apparently not.  He kept nagging when I wanted to quickly arrange the final touches to my post.  Don't you just hate it that your work is almost done to be interrupt by unwanted attention?

And so I resorted to have this:

Well Manja, click all you want and repeat as many times to your pleasure.  Just do not puke on me when you finally got bored watching it.

** He jolly-fully sang along and endlessly repeating the short music clip while I was carrying a near blown-up face.Smiley  He was still swaying to the music while sitting on my lap...... for HRS.  As for me : Patience is a Virtue.SmileySmiley

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