Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Teething Story

Seeing my nephew showing his soon to be replace baby teeth, suddenly Cincau remembered the photos taken of brother Cheeky's same predicament.  Well, it was then during the Harvest Festival holiday, when the budding new teeth were pushing its way up but the old ones were still nagging-ly sitting on the gums.  2 still well and beautiful pearly whites were loose enough that by evening, with a simple plucking motion, both came out.

Here's a pic of the old teeth that finally made its way out thus allowing the new ones to "bloom".

Two tiny teeth and some medicine 'coz Cheeky was feverish that day.
Hee, hee....... praying hard Cheeky will have straight and beautiful pearly whites, 'coz I do not fancy unruly appearance.   (the irony is daddy Beary has the unruliness!! Smiley)
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