Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Forever 21 at 36

Continuing the story of my trip to Singapore, there is one place that I thought I should be putting in my list of the must see.  Its not any sightseeing destination, nor is it the must try food for travellers.  Instead, Singapore's famous blogger, Xiaxue, has been patronising this shop regularly.

First things first, hey, if I can't meet her, at least the shop will do.  Afterall, she's one of the most influential blogger for the year 2009 according to Nuffnang.  Nevertheless, I may not even want to see her.  She may just jest anyone who comes close to her b'coz as she said...... she's a celebrity Smiley.  Anyway, I was in Singapore with the sale going on, so concentrate on the sale and let's do shopping!!  And second things second, I'm not being paid to blog this.  I'm not a celebrity blogger so no exclusive invitation from the shop.  Last but not least, third things third......... there's no a no. third.  Hee hee...... Smiley LAME!!

My cincau-cliques, that particular shop is:

What the h*ll is a 36 age aging lady doing in a hip trendy fashion shop??!!  So what??  Cannot meh?? Nothing wrong wa!!  I'm a tourist, can act innocent when going into the wrong shop ma.  It's not one of the many adult shops anyway.  Besides, even if its an adult shop, you think I'm 3 years old acting 6 meh?

I would have taken pictures of the shop's renovation if I have placed my focus right.  Apparently, as I need to catch the plane later that day, time was reserved for SHOPPING only!!  There are many clothes..... many, many clothes, shoes and accessories.  You can visit their site @ FOREVER21.COM

And so I bought these:

A knit top and clear foot rescue gel petals
I think I may have knocked my head on some sort of imaginary wall Smiley as instead of using those petals, I came back with blisters.  Yucky darn looking blobs that are now all dried up and waiting to heal.  I know, my description sounds gross Smiley.

To wrap the entire thing up, its a trendy shop with some really good stuff there.  If an age 30's lady can get something from a professing age-age 20's shop, then its a place worthwhile to patron, at least for me.  I don't look like I'm approaching 40 anyway.  I swear!! I look young Smiley Smiley Smiley.  Prepare some buckets please....... someone may puke Smiley.

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