Sunday, 3 July 2011

Blogging Inspiration

Was blog walking again....... hee hee.

Seeing all these bloggers trying their hands on being a YouTub-ie, it twitches my mind whether I can find inspirational video on blogging.  I mean, why always looking at static posts, right?

So, went to YouTube, walk about, and TA DAH........ the Alpha Project on Uncovering Malaysia's Top Bloggers.  All of them, Redmummy and Kennysia, and the newly known to Cincau, Fourfeetnine and Nicolekiss.  The latter two is new to me, although I see fourfeetnine aka Audrey being featured in some posts of Cheesie and Xiaxue.

Here's one I picked :

At the end of the clip, redmummy said :
Point no. 2, YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONALITY.  No Tiru-tiru.  That means copycat or duplicate. Hmm???........ do I sound like copying from someone? Smiley

There's more!!  First of all, bear in mind that this so called Alpha Project was made in 2009.  And she revealed her then salaried income was RM7,000.  Today, she is a housewife / housemaker + invitational jobs related to blogging and is now expecting her 3rd child.  So she must be earning above RM7,000 to let go of her former job.  Isn't that inspirational?  Yet, when she mentioned her average of 5 posts per day, that's a major difference with my nos. now.  Shy-shy Smiley.

Anyway, I chose this clip among all the available Alpha Project clips is because she was the one I've mentioned earlier when I started this blog.... The $$$ Malaysian blogger.  So, looks like Cincau is not like any of the featured bloggers, for the 1 obvious element, I do not place pictures of myself.  Twitch-twitch...... should I Smiley???

To end, ignore what Jojo Struys mentioned at the end of the clip.  This clip is afterall, made in year 2009.  NO CONTEST, OKAY!!!

And, seeing the video, I'm now envious of redmummy for she has the best hubby, so supportive and so accomodating to her demam (fanatic) for red colour.  There are times I feel like I'm in countless contests of "Battle of the Sexes" Smiley.  Shesh!!!

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