Saturday, 2 July 2011

An Angelic Gesture Offered

Do you know who this Disney's character is?

Dr. Facilier aka Shadowman
from Disney's animated movie "The Princess and the Frog"
He once said "....Besides, you and I both know the real power in this world ain't magic, its MONEY!! Buckets of it!!"

I hate to say this, but to a certain extent, this is so so so so so true.  As a middle income earner, and living in an urban jungle, it is almost certain that every move Cincau take, it will involve money.  BUT....... there is always exceptional...... which doesn't happen everyday..... the so called "finding a pin in a haystack".

My day begins with the same routine.  Everyday, waking up, getting the kids and myself ready for the day's battles.  Upon opening the front door, its another day of toiling to make ends meet.  Today is unfortunately July 1, the first day of the month, hence, begun it by reset-ing my monthly routine button..... yuck Smiley.... and one of the routine is to get the monthly parking coupon.... yuck yuck Smiley.  Well, guess what??  The parking attendant and myself ran out of small change.  Such hassle, the day begun in a bad way.... yuck yuck yuck Smiley.

Just then, an angelic lady handed me her 1 dollar bill.  With both of us standing under the hot sun, sweating in this 100% humid land, a miracle was made.  This saintly gesture, long had it gone missing, felt awkward for a moment.  She is afterall, a stranger to me.  Yet, her warm smile and humble look quickly melted away all  doubtfulness.

I'm sorry I don't have enough to exchange your bill.

Its alright, use it to get your coupon.

I'm shy to accept this.

Don't feel bad. 

You are such a good person.  A slim chance to bump into such a person.

There are cold hearted people out there, nevertheless I'm only helping while I'm capable of. Smiley

It suddenly strike me that I have been judgmental on this life of concrete towers.  There are angels out there, though lesser in comparison, but definitely of precious jewel equivalent.  I thank her so much for her help.    Really, I have of great respect and appreciate her kind gesture.  Cincau take this as a reminder that I should resume spreading kind gestures and 
make this world a better place to live.  I was sprinkled with some kindness today....... how about you?

An angel came upon me

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