Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Rejuvenating Holiday

So how was Cincau's triple emphasizing holiday?

Kee, kee, kee..... let me tell you how I came up with the idea of holidaying at RRR.  It was sort of unintentional.

Not so long ago, during a school holiday, brother Cheeky was at home for the entire week.  From this, mommy Cincau could see how much time was wasted and the boring-ness during that period.  What more if he spends all those time at the aunt.  And so mommy said, whenever possible, she would enrich her children's holidays.  It wasn't easy for mommy with the limitations she faces everyday.  White collared middle class...... Smiley!!

Facing limitations, I was prepared to let go of this school break and just concentrating with work.  But deep down was the feeling of let down and upset.  Daily work included looking at value hotel deals..... and so the RRR came across.  It has everything that suits my family.  It just feels like a need to give them a call and hence, at a flash of an instinct, reservation was made. Smiley

So the cincau family went for a getaway.  How was it?  Here's the pics:

Welcoming drink, tall cooling ice peach tea,
gobbled by Cheeky and Manja
Walking towards white sandy beach.... amazing scenery
A walk on white sandy beach.... beautiful
To Conservation Centre
Leaving Conservation Centre
Kiddy pool with slide..... fun
Birdies by the pool..... so close, no zooming
Some luxury before retiring for the night
No regrets.  It was marvelous.  Fun for everyone.  The outing served as the best de-stress destination by far.  There is no hurrying, no traffic, no pollution, no grumpy looks.  Just smiles, laughter, happiness, peace.... and welcoming too.  Yes, pricey, all within and above the 5 star range.  Nevertheless, it was worth it.  The luxury starts as soon as you step into the resort.  Cincau love it!!

Oh btw, I didn't get the refurbish room.  Maybe that's why the price was alright-ey for me.  But, all I can say is, with clean big room and big welcoming comfy bed, it is still very luxurious. I have stayed in worse hotel rooms compared to this.  It doesn't even feel the need to be refurbish.  But to maintain their stars, good for them to be attentive. Smiley Smiley Smiley

So, will they jack-up the price after all the refurbishment?
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