Wednesday, 11 May 2011

There he goes again..... Aaron Kwok

There he goes again.... that same hand movement......... stretch ur arm to the front (use your right hand, it MUST be the right), with your upside down victory sign, stick it out 3 times, then twist ur hand making a near 360 degree turn.

One of the four old Hong Kong Heavenly Kings, Aaron Kwok.  His new song (take note the above mentioned hand gesture in the music video) :

Definitely more mature..... after his first debut as a singer in the late 1980s'.  That chickidee voice no longer lingering and piercing my ear drums.  Voice has since deepened.  Soulful too. Smiley

Added below is the 1980s' hit song with that same hand gesture.  Can you imagine this was his break into the entertainment and show biz world??

Late 1980s, I was a teen.  I SCREAM to have more of that chickidee voice..... and the coconut shell haircut.  Shesh!!!

Btw, the titles of the songs:
1980s : Can't stop loving you
2011  :  Loving you forever

Smart ass with smart marketing skills. Smiley

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