Monday, 9 May 2011


Tell me the truth..... is ur husband the same person as before you got married?

Watch this....

Welcome to marriage life.  It is almost a guarantee that majority of men changes and become "monsters" after marriage.  Suddenly, women are caught not knowing who the person sharing the bed with them are.

Men in defensive tone : Hey, women changes too!

Well, watch the next clip.....

It said : AFTER 7 MONTHS!!! 

As the man of the house with an ego to be the leader of the family, don't you think you should LEAD BY EXAMPLE? 

Disclaimer 1 : This maybe or may not be Cincau's life.  Ha ha ha. Smiley
Disclaimer 2 : The above clips do not apply to all men and women. 
Disclaimer 3 : Just for laughs.
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