Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Of work and family

The much needed holiday break is drawing nearer.... oooooo, I can't wait.  I have somehow slowed down in posting entries into my blog, due to 2 things:

1) office work
2) little Manja

About office work..... yada, yada, yada, yada.  I may think I am facing whatever you are facing.  Though job scope may be different, but the feeling will somehow match.  Are you facing:

* miserable pay

* work overload
* stress Smiley

* a vision without end to this horrible phase of your life.  Do I need to wait until my retirement age??? Smiley......... ?????..........  Let me re-phrase that...... do I have to work till death???  Yea, that sounds more like it.

Putting the job aside, the other contribution to my "MIS...... psst, it means missing in action" is Manja.  Besides being sick, he has been cranky and demanding.  That dang flu is not leaving!!!  What should I do??  I've tried everything under the sun, western med, eastern med, lots of rest, lots of water, lots of luv, BUT NOPE..... dang dang is still there!! Smiley

With his current condition, he is definitely testing my patience.  I am currently up to HERE!!! (showing the hand chopping motion at the neck).  Crying and constantly needing attention, enhance with the demand to be carried....... you know that I'm carrying a bag of rice, right?  In fact, its more than that.  He's almost 15kgs, that's 1 and a half bag of rice.  From where I come from, rice is sold in bags of 10kgs.

The moment I feel tired and ready to put him down, he'll clinch even tighter like a monkey to a tree.  OH, SO HEAVY!!!  Tired, I'm sleep deprive, ears filled with craps...... no no NATO,  you think you are the best parent/guardian, then move your butt, talk is cheap.  and I'm missing my indulgence time.  Yes, I've gotta have my ME time.  I still need to upkeep myself...... wanna defeat all the young and beauties out there.  I ain't losing to you all, yo....... WHO AM I KIDDING?? Smiley

Anyway, despite the current situation is against me, I do not fret and will not walk away from them.  I know this will only be a small phase of my life for greater outcome in the future.  WOW, I sounded soooooooooooooooo positive.  Let's just pray and hope things will be better.

These are actual feelings of a working mom........ at least for me.  

Since we are still in the month of May, I'll gladly wrap this up and send this message :



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