Monday, 11 April 2011

Have you had enough of royal news yet?

Have you had enough of the soon to come Apr 29th royal wedding yet?

Well, I don't.  Cincau love to see their pictures... and all the juicy news /gossips of how they met and what they have gone through.  Of course, these news may have been "tapis" = (censored), but I don't care.  They look amazingly meant for each other.

The current news is focusing on the princess-to-be and she definitely has the elegance and poise to take up the task.  So how does she sounded like?  I mean, we have been seeing all these static photos of them together, do they own the heavenly voices that match their heavenly looks?  Here's a link to their video interview.  You be the judge.

By the way, YES, I think she is beautiful. Smiley

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