Saturday, 16 April 2011

His Eagerness Shows

Yesterday was Thursday.  Little Manja was sick since Monday.  Weak due to common flu and cough.  They say when a child is expose to new environment, they tend to fall sick easily.  Manja was not spared from this.  He had just begin his pre-schooling.  Immune system needs to be "re-compute" to enhance his health defensive armor against future recurrence of the same attacking viruses.

By Thursday, he was already recovering.  Gone was his fever, so is the flu.  Except for the nagging cough that has tamed down...... yet not fully gone away.  He had refuse to take further medication.  Being to prove he has successfully regain his health?  I guess so for mommy had told him of allowing school again should he gets better.  Obviously, he was beaming and showing signs of his eagerness to be there.  That is one major difference with the hesitant brother Cheeky who would rather stay in bed. Smiley

Friday morning came and he was first to wake up...... at 6am.  His 'iron palm' was fierce enough to wake mommy up..... 'pounding' at the blanket covered mommy demanding for attention.  Gone was mommy's sweet appointment with uncle Chow (sleeping god) who greets her at every resting time.

By 7.15am, when all was in placed and made for him, he giddily left mommy behind and hop into daddy Beary's car for his short journey to school.  I'M DONE!  Now to meet uncle Chow for a quick 5 minutes converse before my working day starts.

Manja's potent cocktail

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