Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ur Cake!

OH NO!! I almost forgot. Smiley

My time is showing 11.40pm.  I'm still in time.  YES.... I AM still in time!

Hey, Baby Sis, wishing u the utmost fabulous day, this day and every of the same day in years to come.  And here's something I've cooked up for you....

Okay, it's NOT cooked by me....  and NOT even baked by me.  It's actually your niece's cupcakes who's birthday happens to be 3 days earlier than you... and yours sincerely BOUGHT them!

But really, out of the rare absent-minded cincau occasions, I must apply this phrase : "Its the Thought that Matters". Smiley

Have a blast!.........  yes, I owe you dinner.

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