Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I'm proud to be a woman

Why Cincau feels great as a woman?

You have no idea just what the fairer gender has gone through.  From the days of hiding in the kitchen, we reach for greater heights and be part of the industrialising society contributing positively to the economies.  Basically, women are no longer the back-room gals.  I am glad we women are now being respected, acknowledge of our contribution to society and regarded as a group with strong characteristics to build the nation.
At this point, I must adopt the Spice Girls' motto : "GIRL POWER! Yeah!" Smiley

So Cincau, 8th of March,  how are you going to celebrate?  Though there are countries which declare this day a holiday, unfortunately, not in Malaysia.  I'm sitting at my workstation diligently working through the piles of paperwork in preparation for tonight's meeting.  A full day till night commitment building a stronger organisation.  And this will definitely trickles down to building a stronger nation.  I CONTRIBUTED!!! AND still contributing.
So, to all the women and ladies out there, Smiley HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Smiley .


  1. A belated happy 3-8 day to us all!
    yay! girl power!

  2. Yes, power to us all . Yay!


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