Friday, 11 March 2011

The Banned Light

As I watched Disney's "Tangled" animated movie, I couldn't resist a part of the film which showed the entire kingdom releasing the enchanted sky lanterns.  How beautiful this was projected and the magical touch that Disney has always been able to express in all their works. Smiley

As enchanting and magical as it successfully featured, the sad truth is, due to modernization, these sky lanterns are now posing hazards to aircrafts. Take a look at the imposed fines by Malaysia's Transport Ministry.  Transport Ministry warns against releasing sky lanterns (Updated) .  In the recent Chinese New Year celebration, Cincau noticed a few sky lanterns floating across the sky and got worried.  Who would have thought something seemingly so "gentle" could have such massive destructive effect?? Smiley

Nevertheless, hope prevails.  For the sky lanterners (can i call you that way?), the spirit of releasing sky lanterns is still very much alive in Taiwan. The island celebrates their lantern festival as an annual event.  The event travels around the island and this year's celebration was in Pingxi.  Check out the video below.  So when and where will the next celebration be?

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