Friday, 2 September 2011

The Awesome Murut Dance

What's that??
Yesterday the CC family was at 1 Borneo, the largest mall on the island of Borneo.  How lucky am I that some of the hippest and trendiest shops are in KK..... well, of course it is incomparable to KL and Singapore, or any other shopping heavens, but it'll do for now.  I mean, with the high costs of survival, who has extra money for ultra branded stuff anyway?  Yea, I called it survival, and not living.... when you are practically pinching every penny to make ends meet.

Of course I do not mean all Sabahans are penny pinchers, there are also those who are strap with loads of cash.  Don't know how they attain their huge sum la, besides its hard to identify those with the dough.  With so many PTIs roaming freely on our streets, nobody would be flashing their golden egg inviting burglary and violence.  Even when you are not having the precious egg, these unwelcoming lot still wants a piece of you.  Its like a game of musical chair just waiting for the music to stop and the unlucky person gets the blow.  WHOA..... totally out of the dance topic.  Need to recollect myself.  #deepbreathing.

But you know what??  When the opportunity comes, I know what I'll do........... YOU hear that??!!!

Now back to the awesome dance, what you are seeing in the 1st pic are the props to be use for the dance. Bamboo that is.

Some musical instruments to go with the dance
I did not intentionally visit the mall for this show.  Its just coincidentally that we were there strolling and passing time...... geez, the agony of not planning for this 3 day holidays.  And I did not intend to stay for the show too, but daddy Beary had this itch wanting to watch till it ends.  The 1st dance was on the Kadazan dance.  Did not take pic.  Then it was the Bugis dance, did not take pic too.  Even the kids weren't too fascinated with the dances. 

Finally the 3rd and last dance performance, which is always a show stealer, the guys in leotards........... I mean, the Murut Dance.

Oooooo-ing on those strong leg muscles
Y am I taking pics of their back-sides?  Gotta go to the front stage and squeeze with the rest of the crowd:

Hunters' dance (1)
Hunters' dance (2)
Hunters' dance (3)
The dance interacts with the crowd too :

See that person in black?  She's blowing a hunter's pipe targeting at a balloon
Finally the female dancers and props are up on stage :

The making of the bamboo dance
Doesn't do justice to the ladies la. They are also dancers wa.  Okay-okay, here's some pic of their graceful-ness:

Beauties dancing (1)
Beauties dancing (2)
Beauties dancing (3)
More interactions with the crowd
As the performance got nearer to its finale, the beat of the musical instruments became more intense, and so is the clap of the bamboo sticks :

Intense or what??
Real fast leg work and bamboo claps
It all ended with.................. okay la, my bad, did not take pics. #lemonised.

It actually ended with a BANG!! Literally, the best ending for a great performance.  Couldn't get any pic as little Manja was cry pleading to leave.  The poor little boy is not a party animal, couldn't take loud noises.  He was grabbing tightly and kicking non-stop until I, who was carrying him of 15kg, was at the far end of the mall.  My 3 year old boy is sorta tiny tad bigger size than other 3 year olds.  So, I was lugging with torture until he's all settled and smiley again. 

Those last few pics were taken by Beary.  Oso cannot get the dramatic finale. Smiley

It is quite usual for you to catch such cultural performances.  Its almost at anywhere at anytime.  Alternatively, just go and visit a cultural village, know their performances schedule and Voila!!  TRUST ME!! Especially this Murut dance, its TOTALLY  AWESOME!!  Don't know where to begin??  Try

** I kinda got bored with tagging myself as Cincau, so I've abbreviated it to CC.  I mean, if can call herself as RM, then y can't I?  That's See-see (geez, sounded like someone working in a cabaret).  Definitely not Chee-chee (that's even worse, sounding like a monkey!!).  Who knows, I may go back to being myself, Cincau (yea, tick-tocking with my double standards again Smiley)
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