Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Morning Sketch

Good Morning.  Selamat pagi from.........

It means "Borneo"
This morning started off just the same way as my other weekend mornings.  What damn routine life.  Y can't my life be more interesting???  I'll tell you why...... no planning lo.  

But I'll be going for a movie later wo, so not too routine la hor.  Will watch Cars 2 with the kids.

And so morning breakfast, while waiting for food to be serve:

daddy Beary started off sketching
His hidden talent.  What did he sketch?
Big leafy plant next to our table
See..... got talent or not??  He took some artistic classes before...... no dancing nor stage performances la, just graphics.  I say, not bad la hor.  Never asked him, but I bet he got better SPM result for arts, 'coz I got a 5 only  Smiley.  Okay la, still pass right???  Credit some-more le.

Learn from the si fu
little Manja wanted to learn too
Manja : My turn.     Cheeky : Hey, I'm not done yet!!
Manja : Boo....... 
Not too long, the food came.  

Healthy or what???
We had our breakfast at this place:

Beautiful wall decoration
Po lo zou = Borneo
The food is generally okay.  But you must try their signature noodle dish called....... "Signature Noodle" dish la.  Didn't take any pic though.  Quite yums.  I just didn't really enjoy the road with cars passing by that's really near to our table with only the leafy plant between us.  

But I do like that big wall depicting one of Sabah's horrific history.  It featured the Sandakan-Ranau Death March.

The shop is at........ don't know the address la.  But its a corner shop at Lintas Plaza, facing the golf driving range.  Definitely won't miss it.

Just before we left,  as I was turning away from our table, I noticed the lesson that si fu gave to the kids :

Smiley Smiley Smiley Nevertheless, appreciation to Coffee News for supplying complimentary news printouts.  Smiley
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