Sunday, 10 July 2011

Air Tenang Jangan Disangka Tiada Buaya

Yesterday marked a very historic event for my country.  It is an event that nobody would have wanted, but to continue bearing the mockery of a menace lot, the patience of many have been tested.

A country which boasts itself of racial unity and harmony, a melting pot of cultural mix living hand in hand with respect to each individuals differences.  A country which practices moderation in the name of unity.  Our tourism board has been repeating to the entire world this famous phrase "This is Malaysia, Truly Asia". How appropriate this phrase once was, as it truly reflected the unity of this country.

However, to gain peace and unity, you have to earn it.  Fairness needs to be practiced.  What was once the vision of a great leader, who brought independence to this country, known as the father of Malaysia, is long gone.  Tunku Abdul Rahman and the rest of our fore fathers did not fight for independence only to later to see it being condemned.

Where is the respect?
Where is the fairness?
Where is the moderation?

I must say to witness such commotion is not an overnight conclusion.  Some parties must have inflicted disappointment and dissatisfaction.  To further enhance by playing the racial card, trouble is called for.  Obviously, the greater population knows better.  Its the denials of the the niche lot that had brought laughter for the world to spectate.

Air Tenang Jangan Disangka Tiada Buaya.  

Cincau chose this metaphor as it appropriately describes the situation now and act as a warning to the leaders in not heeding the rakyat's needs.  Living in denial is a timid act.  Aiyop, stand tall and bring back the glorious Malaysia it once was.

Malaysians are a loving lot and will very much want to re-glorify the nation.  The damage has been done.  Give back the rakyat what once were their proud dignity.  Malaysia is for Malaysians.  Who are the Malaysians?  Refer to the tourism board please.
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