Saturday, 12 March 2011

My breakie after the threat

The dust has settled.  Hmm?? Smiley ..... or maybe, to be appropriate, the sea water has receded.

No threat to this part of the globe.  I'm Alive!! Smiley   What am I talking about?  See here.

Blessed be to everyone, especially to those who were directly affected by the latest Mother Nature disaster.  It only shows how diminutive and helpless are we when She blows.  My condolence to Japan.

Blessed be me that I was given the chance to continue appreciating this life that is so precious.  Gotta indulge myself and here's my breakie today.  My fav drink:

Cincau with Gula Melaka and Soya Bean Drink
And antonym of blessed be to those insensitive drivers who couldn't care less of other drivers and treating the road as though for their private use.  Be considerate, human! Smiley 

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