Sunday, 13 March 2011

Beckham Expecting Pink

Nothing compares to reading the morning papers.  Either it wakes you or bores you.  I'm glad it's Sunday 'coz that's where gossips and juicy news usually are featured.  And of course, it didn't let me down.  This was found neither in the news nor sports, but in showbiz section.
David, Victoria Beckham expecting a baby girl  Smiley

So 1 is lonely, 2 is company, 3 is a crowd and 4 is??  Yup, the Beckham are expecting another child.  And this time the bundle of joy will be wrap in pink.  Mrs. Beckham is expected to deliver girlie come July this year.  So will she be a Cancer of a Leo?  And probably to inherit daddy's smoulder look? Smiley

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