Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Its Time to Re-Introduce Myself

Hello everyone and Happy New Year,

It has definitely been a looooong time since my last post here.  I wasn't being lazy.  In fact, its the direct opposite of laziness.  I was working hard against time to mold my new found blogging name......  i.e a re-branding effort to properly re-introduce myself.

If you have been following my tweets, its been mentioned again and again of my journey to finally reaching this destination and posting my 1st ever post on the new blog.  So here it is: http://vibrantkitty.blogspot.com/

I'm still twitching some of the widgets, which I thought I've covered before the great 1st post. Duh, I guess its not as easy as I thought.  Sigh!

Do continue to support me as without you, I would die of not hearing comments .

All inconvenience is deeply empathized.

CC signing off to be rebranded as Vibrantkitty

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