Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Let's Dejavu Again..... with a lesson

How did you feel about the HRH Prince William and Kate's wedding?  I thought it was fantastic....... brilliantly showcased for the world to see.  Thank you very much for such a wonderful memory.  And you know what?  In case you did not notice, I'm beginning to pick up some of those gorgeous British accent here.... Smiley

What we did not realise is, fairytales happen.  What I meant here is miracles.  Often, we are caught up in our reality, not noticing of our actions depicting our own destiny.  A majority of us are moving in circles, as Robert Kiyosaki labelled this action as "rat-race".  It seems what we do everyday do not show a clear solution or so to speak "a light at the end of the tunnel". We are blinded by our own ignorance, absent to our own actions, for the sake of urban survival.  Procrastination soon becomes our usual rants.  Probably its time for Cincau to recollect myself and ask these questions, "What do I want in life?  How to fulfill a purposeful life?"

With the popularity of the many reality shows, I've picked this one for it really, really, really showed that despite our non-conformity in appearance, a jewel tends to be missed unless our own selves are willing to stand out.  The person I'm describing is non other than Susan Boyle.

Britains Got Talent Year 2009 - First Runner-up, Susan Boyle. 
Click here for her remarkable performance.
Congratulation to Susan for your amazing performance and creating hopes for the millions, billions and zillions of us normal and often unnoticed talents.

Also to congratulate Princess Catherine for finding her prince, with the worldwide blessings of their royal true love wedding on April 29, 2011. Who would have thought a modern Cinderella story could have happened today?

Fairytale wedding.  Source : www.brides.com
Miracles work in many ways and forms.  And some event may even take time. Eventually, it is now one lesser terrorist in this world.  Rest in peace to the innocent lives who were sacrificed on that darkest day of September 11, 2001.

The day the world watched in shock
And nearer to our shores, opportunities are within reach if you are being at the right place and at the right time.  Our mysterious man, Jho Low from Penang.

The man : No ordinary Jho
See, fairytales / miracles do happen daily.... (almost).  Every little escapes help keep us alive. Start Dreaming!! Smiley
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