Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ice Tea = Kidney Stone Smiley

How in the world is it possible that my favorite all time thirst quencher (well, second to my adoring cincau drink Smiley ) is a health threat?? It saddens me that from now on, I have to reduce (not drop) from indulging the drink Smiley .


All these times, tea has been my caffeine companion. Depending on the various type of tea, it helps in keeping me awake, others help me to relax, regulate my cholesterol and a form of weight control. AHAH… yup, studies have shown that tea does help to reduce weight Smiley .

But Cincau, the fad has been on consuming coffee. Well, I’ll just sum up to one personal reason…. HEADACHE. No offense, its just not my type of cuppa.

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